Private readings

The purpose of a private reading is to give evidence of life after death. Loved ones, relatives and friends who are not with us anymore have the possibility to make contact with you through me as a medium. The spirits coming through can be anyone who has had some form of relationship with you. Sometimes old relatives that you may not have had the opportunity to get to know in life might also come through. It is always the spirit that decides who to come through to leave a message for you.

As a medium I describe appearance, personality, age, height or characteristic traits that will help you recognise the contact. I even get a name, date, month and other specific things for you to understand who the person is.

A spirit contact will normally convey information regarding something going on in your life, something that may help you solve a problem or to answer an important question. The medium’s task is to be a neutral channel and just convey what the spirit wishes to bring forward. It is important to me as a spiritual medium that you know who is comming through and why the message is coming your way right now.

It is also important that you are understanding that there is a spirit world and there is nothing that is invented.

One thing I have realised as a recipient is that sometimes the spirit will give me information, which at that moment in time absolutely makes no sense to you. If that is the case that you do not understand the content: Go home and check with your family. There may be people near and dear to you, who can help you understand and check it out for you what the spiritworld mean by certain things that can make sence to you.

You may also ask your own questions to the spirit world, think carefully in advance what questions you really want answers to.

Questions about death, accidents and illness will not be answered!

Private readings in FALUN

Salong Samsara,
Slaggatan 10 in FALUN, Sweden 

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PRICE: SEK 800 incl VAT for 45 min-60 min

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