Clairvoyant Demonstration




Clairvoyant Demonstration

During a clairvoyant demonstration, as a medium I am being used as a neutral channel between spirit and our world in the same way as in a private reading. The difference is that it is made in a larger group with several participants which gives you a more superficial description who is coming through and not as detailed and in-depth as in a private reading.

I show you more how the contact from the spirit world is made, how I get messages and how I work as a medium. As in a private reading, a spirit contact always wants to give evidence of life after death and normally convey information regarding something going on in your life. Even here it is very important to me as a medium that you recognize who is coming through and why the message is coming your way right now.

During a demonstration like this, I usually manage to convey 6 to 10 contacts in 1 to 2 hours.
I also offer private readings during these visits.

~To book a Clairvoyant Demonstration in larger scale(any kind of association) or if you are a bunch of people at your work who wants a group seance (group of five to twelve persons) at your place,

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Available in Southern Dalarna but operating throughout Sweden!


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